Sinovo is an advanced heat treatment equipment supplier integrating R&D, sales, design, manufacture and service. Our furnaces cover electronic components, printed thick film circuit, glass metal sealing package, photovoltaic, electronic ceramic, metal heat treatment, LTCC, semiconductor, lithium batteries and other fields. Our standard products include mesh belt furnaces, bell furnaces, box furnaces, pusher furnaces and supporting automated production lines to meet the different needs of various industries.  
         At present, our product sales network covers the mainland and is exported to Asia, Europe and other countries, and has achieved a high reputation in the industry.

Our background

         Sinovo has more than 15 years of professional and advanced team engaged in furnace technology, and Sinovo has joined hands with leading edge thermal team from US. With a deep understanding of product technology, Sinovo will integrate process, thermal control system, and atmospheric fluid system, electrical control systems, and provide customers with high-quality heat treatment equipment and system solutions.  

Professional thinking and operation

         Carry out every business in the world with professional, honest and reliable industry ethics. Sinovo is committed to providing our customers with consistently high-quality products and constantly pursuing further success in the day-to-day cooperation and communication.