●The ideal thermal guarantee

         Using ISOLITE, Morgan and other well-known manufacturers of advanced thermal materials, while pouring 15 years of kiln thermal design and manufacturing experience, Sinovo’s furnace is the best energy-saving tool.

● High degree of fit between equipment and craftsmanship

         In the fields of thick film circuit, glass metal sealing package, electronic components, photovoltaic, etc., Sinovo has been discussing with domestic and foreign materials companies such as Heraeus, CCTC, ESL, 三则, Corning, National Defense Science and Technology Research Institute, Sinovo has the experience of hundreds of users to achieve the perfect combination of equipment and technology. 

● Work-time guarantee

         From a screw to a complete set of equipment, we strictly control every manufacturing process to ensure long-term stable operation of each set of equipment. 

● Precise atmosphere and temperature guarantee

         Multiple well-known brands such as Watlow, Vaisala, Nippon Steel, Kanthal, purchasing global market from the United States, Europe to Japan, Sinovo implements a global procurement plan, combined with our fifteen-year electric furnace design standards to ensure the atmosphere and temperature fields of each furnace product in Sinovo High precision and measurability. 

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